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What is Smart Safe School

Smart Safe School is a Hi-Tech solution comprising four main components: Smart&Healthy Environment, CrimeFree, BUSafety, and Disaster Early Warning – DEW. It guards the safety of students from the moment they leave for school until the time they get back home.
Schools have the option to use all four components, a combination of the different components, or use a standalone component. We will tailor our solutions for the school.

Smart Safe School is the first solution in the world using Hi-Tech to:
  • Monitor students, school, and school bus safety;
  • Track kids with indoor/outdoor positioning system;
  • Update buses for a healthy & safe environment;
  • Control optimal classroom environment parameters;
  • Stop crime, bullying, and drug use among students;
  • Prevent disasters including school shooting.

Smart Safe School Overview

Smart and Healthy Environment



Disaster Early Warning

Fatigue, eye disorders, and headaches are frequent complaints among students. Children’s health deteriorates due to an improper environment at school – poor illumination levels, high humidity, bad air quality. Creating optimal levels of air quality, lighting, temperature and humidity can help students be healthy and achieve their full potential.
Smart and Healthy Environment system is created for comfort and health. It controls and automatically adjusts air quality, temperature, humidity, CO and illumination levels in a class or school bus. The system uses sensors and actuators that provide the best favorable conditions automatically.

Add classroom comfort sensors

Humidity sensors

Air quality

CO2 sensors


Other custom sensors

Temperature sensor

Illumination sensors

Actuators are electric or mechanical devices, which can:

automatically adjust the temperature in the class
automatically turn on/off and adjust lighting level
open/close windows, window shades, and blinds
turn on/off ventilation, air extraction system
automatically lock windows and doors
BUSafety consists of a sophisticated seat belt sensor system that records and notifies the bus driver which seats have unbuckled passengers. This promotes a distracted driver free ride, while also logging incident history to assure students are abiding by safety procedures.
Bus drivers need to be focused on the road instead of monitoring the passengers inside of the vehicle. Our solution allows the driver to keep his attention on the road while the children are safely buckled in. Research has shown that seat belts, when used, reduce the risk of fatal injury by 5%, and the risk of moderate-to-critical injury by 50%.

BUSafety Overview

Optional Bluetooth sensors: temperature, humidity
Monitor the bus environment to make trips safe and pleasant.
Optional Bluetooth sensors: CO, CO2, methane, smoke, air quality sensors
Monitor the bus environment to make trips safe and pleasant.
Optional HelpU SOS button
Alerts emergency contact if accident or incident occurs.
DriverHUB with display
Accumulates information from all peripheral devices.
Optional GPS/LTE module
Locates the bus in real time and collects its route history.
Bluetooth mesh Seat belt sensors
Securely fasten the passenger and monitor the safety status.
Seat occupancy sensors
Detect if the passenger is seated in the bus during the trip.

BUSafety Benefits

Instant notification to bus driver when seat belt is unbuckled
Emergency collision notification
Child proof & friendly
Location history
Location of unbuckled passenger’s row & seat number
Bus Black Box
Buckle & unbuckle data history
Designed to handle high pressure
Driver quality assessment
Cross reference inputs with other devices
Voice & light alert system
Vibration resistant
1 in 4 students are abused by another peer. Bullying causes severe post traumatic stress, often leading the student to lash out at society. The majority of students bullied abuse drugs to escape reality, and typically at the age of 16 years old will commit their first crime spiraling them out of control and seeking comradery from gangs members and other troubled youth.
CrimeFree is a combination of DrugsFree, GangFree, BullyFree, and Shooting and Stabbing Alert features. Once pressed, the SOS button sends a notification to the principal’s office. BLE beacons installed on school premises define the exact location of the student who sent the help request with their identity. Integrated nearby cameras stream live video from the area of the incident to the principal’s office.

CrimeFree includes


CrimeFree can fight drug use at school. When students notice an illegal behavior, they can press the CrimeFree button to immediately notify the principal’s office. The students, who report about it, will stay anonymous and protected. The nearest surveillance cameras will start live video streaming and the location of the incident will be displayed at the principal’s office.


CrimeFree can minimize gang recruitment by identifying anonymously when illicit & violent activities are occurring on school premises and transport. Gangs recruit children as young as 10 years old to carry out their dangerous activities, and promise them protection and monetary gain. If a child bullied has no one to depend on, they pursue anything that will help them in crisis, even if its detrimental to their own life.


Many mental disorders begin in childhood, and 50% of psychiatric illness is caused before the age of 14 years old. Bullying has been shown to cause negative structural changes to the brain of children and adolescents due to post traumatic stress of consistent bullying. With CrimeFree we can considerably minimize the impact of bullying on our children & adolescents.

Shooting & Stabbing Alert

CrimeFree can protect the youth from shooting and stabbing. Every year shootings occur in dozens of schools. More than 290 shootings detected in the USA schools since 2009, while statistics shows that stabbing occurs even more often. In the case of an accident a student can press on the button and report about it absolutely incognito, so school staff can take necessary measures to warn and protect the students.

CrimeFree overview

BLE beacons (optional)
Transfer SOS signals and define the precise location.
Cameras (optional)
Video surveillance and live streaming in an emergency.
Accumulates information and warns the person in charge.
Student’s smartphone
A place where the CrimeFree app lives.
CrimeFree app
Has a virtual SOS button and many other useful features.
SOS button
Alerts emergency contact if accident or incident occurs.

CrimeFree Benefits

Provides anonymity and confidentiality
Encourages respectful behavior between students
Immediately notifies emergency contact of the incident with location on the map
Live video streaming when cameras are available
Eliminates overwhelming fear of speaking up
Decreases societal & economic costs of both mental health & addiction crisis
Shooting and Stabbing alert via texts and loud speakers
Enables administrators to act before situations escalate
Promotes a safe environment for the students
Increases productivity and cognitive development of students
Full area coverage with no blind spots with extra beacons installed
Accurate and immediate incident reporting
Every year children in schools become victims of natural disasters and emergency situations – earthquakes, fires, landslides, and others. Readiness and earliest knowledge are vitally important in such situations. Early warnings help to eliminate or reduce the potential disaster consequences.
DEW is a smart system which uses sensors and data from disaster management agencies to provide earliest warnings to the school staff and students in case of a threat. DEW monitors the situation in real time and automatically plays prerecorded announcements depending on the type of threat.

Dew Overview

Safety Sensors:
  • Smoke and fire sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • CO sensors
Speakers & sirens
Timely warn students and school staff with sirens and prerecorded instructions.
Accumulates information and warns the person in charge.
Safety Sensors:
  • Vibration sensor
  • Radiation sensor
  • Custom sensors
Water leakage sensors
Warn school staff in case there is a flood, or a considerate water leakage from school pipes.

DEW Benefits

Monitors safe environment in real-time
Data from reliable disaster management agencies
Plays prerecorded announcements
Modular structure with the possibility to add peripherals
Provides earliest warnings
Alerts with loud speaker warnings
Sends SOS alerts to Emergency Center
Does not require complicated governance model
Defines the type and category of a threat
Phone instructions on how to behave and stay safe
Requires minimal financial funding
Custom sensors can be added on request

Why choose Smart Safe School?


Seat belt status alert system for buses Disaster Early Warning system Bullying, abuse, and drugs prevention School shooting & stabbing alarms


Mesh networks for data transfer Indoor/outdoor positioning BLE 5.0 and Long Range Tracking even with no GPS


Software and hardware development Flexible customization of our solutions Integration with API and mobile SDKs Win-win cooperation and partnership


300k happy users worldwide 7 successful hardware projects Distribution in 20+ leading countries 5 Reliable partner companies

Helping you bring your ideas to life!

We have a growing ecosystem of partnerships and integrations that enhance the capabilities of our platform and raise safety to new levels. We can offer turnkey solutions to our customers, from PCB schemes design and case design to project deployment on a customer site.


If your company needs a special monitoring software or hardware solution, if you have spheres which we have not covered yet, let us know, and we will try to meet your business’ needs by developing a solution specially for it.


We have RESTful APIs and mobile SDKs available for corporate developers. If you have your own platform, you can integrate it with ours to receive and process the data collected by our monitoring devices in real time and display it on your own websites and applications.


Depending on the needs of our customers it is possible to change the cover of hardware used, add necessary hardware or software elements, develop complex specialized solutions (software and hardware), or only software. Our systems are flexible and easy to connect to third-party services.

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